The Silhouette

“The Silhouette Must be Impeccable!”

The ‘perfect silhouette’ is the Goal in any discipline from Architecture to Fashion, Fine Arts or Culinary Arts. We are at a Turning Point and in great need of a Barometer of Style to create the desirable balance we have been seeking since the beginning of time. From the Dolmen Portals of the Neolithic period…

– The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt with the sumptuous style of the Pharaohs.

– The opulent and ornate rituals of the Olmec, Aztec, Mayan and Inca Civilizations.

– The impeccable style of the Great Ancient and Imperial aesthetes of China.

– The superb influence of Italy in Arts, Architecture, Fashion, Opera and Commedia dell’ arte.

– The grandeur of Versailles — the Extravagant Anthropometric Fashion in concert.

– The European domination and the subsequent ‘colonial style’ in the New World.

– The linear elegance of the Art Nouveau and Deco periods.

– The Austerity and Rigidity that dictated the World Wars.

We have gone through myriads of tendencies during the centuries. And now, we are at a time when liberal arts are at a very sharp turning point. The digital revolution is creating chaos in the Arts. All disciplines are off their axes and in search of their own equilibrium. We shouldn’t be alarmed though. Even in a chaotic world, Style will always survive.

The silhouette, the impeccable, just like water will regain its level and balance!