J. JEAN-CLAUDE SAMUEL, architect of interiors, painter, image-maker, restaurateur and art director has created numerous designs for clients in the corporate world as well as the private sector. His skill and creativity extend to several disciplines — from architecture to interior design, fashion to advertising, restaurants, fine arts and book design.

Jean-Claude was born in Pétion-Ville, on the hills of Port-au-Prince, Haïti. He has often cited the influence of his father, a very pragmatic entrepreneur and civil engineer and his mother, a fashionable artist and social leader. He seems to have inherited his talents from the cradle. A European and American education followed and culminating with advanced architectural studies at Universidad Nacional Autónoma of Mexico. Along the way, Jean-Claude studied and learned several languages: French, Spanish, English and Italian.

He has also mentioned the allure and imperative attraction of the tropical vegetation and vibrant color palettes of Haïtian Naïve Artists.

Other influences include La Société des Artistes Indépendants; French Cubo-Futurists and Expressionists Marcel Duchamp and Bernard Buffet; Pablo Picasso and the Mexican Socio-Realists David Siqueiros and Diego Rivera.

Mr. Samuel now resides in New York but works and travels throughout the United States. For several years, he enjoyed a most successful and wonderfully synergistic association with Piero Dimitri and his numerous operations in the USA, Italy and Japan, including Dimitri Offices and Showrooms in Milano and Tokyo. In addition he developed among others:

– Designs for Jamaica Tourist Board Headquarters in New York and Toronto

– Designs for the painter Frederick J Brown loft in Soho. In addition, traveling to China for the installation of Frederick’s superb first-Western artist, one-man show at The Museum of the Chinese Revolution in Tienanmen Square – Beijing.

– Designs for China de Puebla Restaurant + Bar in New York

– Designs for La Pomme Restaurant in New York

– And Restaurant Bambou:

Restaurant Bambou stands as one of Mr. Samuel’s most intriguing accomplishments. From initial conception, architectural design, execution and co-proprietorship, Jean-Claude was of the driving force behind Bambou. This restaurant would become one of the most unique restaurants in New York. Of Bambou’s design Jean-Claude has said “The concept is drawn from my grandparents country home and lifestyle. Those Colonial Style homes were very comfortable and airy with large verandas and terraces. All the rooms had very tall doors with louvers (called Jalousies) and very high ceilings with fans, plenty of plants, baskets of fruits and flowers, and the aroma of fresh brewed demi-tasse. Yes, the always-present aroma of good coffee and eucalyptus…

An incredible feeling of bien-être and those long, long and lazy summer days with hamac and lemonade; evenings of jasmine and candlelit supper, mother and sister with Chopin at the piano. The kindness and elegance of the housekeepers…

These and more found their way to Bambou, an open door to a private lifestyle for a brief moment. Merci!”

In every project Jean-Claude undertakes one sees the “drive for excellence, quality and refinement, to make each project unique and bespoke to the client.”